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I bumped my left-back thigh to the drawer yesterday so hard it left a bruise. Now it's sore & a little swollen I can't even lay on my back properly because that'd put pressure on it.

Also, I hate when I write in English at night or when I'm tired. My words become weird, my grammar is a shit, all things got jumbled and make no sense. It's like drunk texting except I'm not drunk because I never drink. I don't drink.

Welp, it's 2:10 am rn and I gotta work later, so see ya!

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So, yesterday I found some clips from Coming Century Concert in 2009 back then. It's partial, cut from each song/per performance. Not all songs though, just a few. But it has english sub in it.
I haven't watched this Kamisen concert before. Since my main interest after V6 is Tonisen, I don't feel an urge to watch this one. But then, I've heard Hello-Goodbye mini album and I pretty like the songs the boys sang, so I thought "wht not?". Watching it partly before watching the full concert wouldn't hurt. So I took the chance.

I don't know which song comes before which, so I watch it randomly.

First is ROCK THE HOUSE, cz I already seen it in Voyager concert and I quite LIKE this song & the dance is ♥. I just wanna know how they'd bring it in Kamisen concert.
Second's 'Desert Eagle'. This song. My fav from Hello-Goodbye.
I like the curtain. The red is uggh looked sensual to me. These boys know the importance of stage appearance and how to make a *really*good one. (I wonder if there's personal angle for this song coz I'd like to see the dance as well (: )

Next is Go's solo: You are my everything. Again, bcz I have seen this part in some streaming site before and I just wondered if this esub vid has better quality than the one I already have.

Next is Omoi no Kakera. This is one of my fav song also, and I often found it overlapping with Desert Eagle as my No#1 from Kamisen depending on my mood :P Unfortunately I don't know what the lyrics say (I only can catch one or two phrases) and there are parts where they sing it quite fast even the engsub cannot help me. I am bad in English and my Japanesse is waaaaay too baad, so yeah... I give up trying to catch up with the lyrics and just enjoy the song like I always have. ^-^

I got few more clips to go but honestly I've already worned out from today and it's already past midnight. But again, few minutes more wouldn't hurt, would it? :P And perhaps who knows I might never sleep soundly tonight knowing there are videos I haven't watched in my laptop yet so I keep going.. XD

Next, Black-out.
Then, Forget it all.

Not much to say: I approve.
The dance, you MUST watch it. Must.

I still have Ken's & Jun's solo but I'd save Jun for later. Always save the best for the last. ;)

4U - Miyake Ken
Aah.. I see. Now I understand where did that bathing scene of Ken that has made every ken-lovers friends I have screams come from. . . But for me it's this that made me screamed XDD
I noticed every Kamisen member had one dancer girl to accompany them as partner in their solos performance.
Ken looked so thin to me here... Was it just my imagination? or it was the costume that made him looked so? or did Ken having a butai at that time that require him to looked thin. .? :/ I'm not sure.

Finally the last. I can say I had BIG expectation bout this one for first; I had listened to this song many many times even before I got the whole mini album's mp3 and it sounds damn so sexy for me; second, dude, it's Junichi Okada who'd sing it. So I was quite looking forward to it. :D

But then...
ALL of my imagination was crumbled in 20 seconds. I don't know if it's because I never like too muscled man or it's the costume that makes me cringed the second I see it. I know Okada likes to appear sleeveless and damn, nor heaven or hell can deny it looks good, but this time it's just... '~'
(if I haven't know Jun I think I'd think he's a gay..... I'm sorry to say this. )

And when I tried convincing my heart that it'll get better, these 2 dancers come out.
They're not even that pretty! They need to look for far prettier dancers than this to accompany Jun. ᕙ(⇀‸↼‶)

Then. .
Oh, they're not his partner, huh. . . ._.

His is, I must say, prettier and I don't even get mad seeing two of them together (warning:some*jealously*detectedxP)
And the fans screamed when they start to dance *together*. . . (ahahah, i feel you gals. . . xD)
It's okay. They looked nice together. :)

But I can't take it when they got behind the screen @_@ `д´/
(Get down here you two!)

Fiiuuhhh.... Finally it's over.
Well, from my words above I think you already know this is not what I've expected. Until the end I still couldn't figured out why they had him to wear that costume. And now I shall bring a little jealousy from that dance also to my sleep *sigh*. . . u.u

But hey, I'm sure there are still plenty to watch. So I still waiting for We Are Coming Century Boys Concert vid -- the full one-- from my friend. Otanishimini! :D
2:47 AM 31-Dec-14

20140805 はやチャン!

Woohoo...! V6 new single! 16 days and counting. ;)
I can't believe you let me wait a whole year >,<. But since u're V6 and I love you and you're awesome and kakkoii and sweet, I forgive you. XD

Papa being dumped! I mean, who can dump Papa?! No one can dump Papa but Mama! XDD

Who's that that can make you laugh Okada. .? =D

I like serious Ken. I like Ken being serious. . ( ´ω`)

Inocchi-san, Seto-san wa mitteru yo~. . . (  ´∀`)ノ

Kakkoii~....! XDD♥

And when I thought things just got serious. . . XD

Hiroshi-kun mo kakkoii..... (*´艸`)
He'll be 43 this October. And yet you're still look like this ↑
(Srsly, what is it with V6 boys? They can always surprise me with their looks no matter how old they are. o.O)

Mama then Ken. Double-hit. XDDD~~

Actually I hate to see V6 acting all grief in PVs or whatever (like in only dreaming). It makes them get much older suddenly. :/ V6 is meant for smile~ :D

Can't wait to see the full ver PV !!! お楽しみに!^v^

Cat had his birthday. Which I missed. Again.

I am
a horrible
fan. ( U__U )

I missed Ken's birthday. Not only missed, but totally forgot about it.
And just a day before that, I missed his effort surviving in dessert as well. Such fragile kid. . Ken-chan...
. .just turned 35 y.o last week. Time flies so fast... Last year I missed your birthday too, suimasen ne~ ( u_u) But I still wish you for the best year by year. . .
Ah, 35 y.o in V6's 20th Anniversary too, desu ne... I wish the best for all of you, kakkoii ojiisan-tachi. *slapped*
I love you all.

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MF won't work.......Couldn't figure out why. . .  ( ._. )

It won't let me upload s/t more than 20mb....Srsly, now? on his birthday. .?? haahh. . . (╯︵╰' ) *sigh*

..and my other cloud storage says it is illegal to upload that file. . Why? Why? Why----------------------? *start crying*

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My playlists in WMP are all gone again. I don't know how that could happened. I don't feel like I clicked the wrong button again (such 'delete', 'erase', etc.). Maybe, big chance of probability, it's gone due to my memory space. I don't know if that could affect the program or not, but I have that kind of warning everytime I turn on my laptop. That kind of "your memory in your disk is low. which one would you like the laptop want to concentrate: the program or the performance?" message ¬_¬ . "Yeah, yeah I know I'm low disk space right now..", said my laptop. "But what could I do? My owner keep feeds me with this 6 hot guys things she can't resist that she barely put any attention to her real life. Poor her."

I'm sorry Palm, I'm really sorry for not being a good host. (╯︵╰)
But please HUD with me until I can bring you a new friend ne. .

I don't know what makes my playlists gone, but I'll just pretend it's an admonition for me to re-order my files and discard the unnecessary ones. (╯︵╰)
"Heyy, it's holiday all the weeks ahead!! Guess what you gonna do? Right! Pick stuff from inside your laptop, re-watch half of it, and put 300GB of this in a right order! And while you do so you can't download anything. No space, remember? Now that sounds fun, isn't it?", said no me ever.  ꒪_꒪
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"IT'S HIS BIRTHDAY! It's his birthday !!(?)"

I'm soooo busy these days (almost entire week, I guess!) that I forgot that it was a birthday of a special boy yesterday...

So when finally I can use free wi-fi to access internet (days barely without internet! I'm awesome cz I survived =__=v) I went crazy when I found out it was the day!! I went, "O MY GOD, IT IS HIS BIRTHDAY!! IT IS HIS BIRTHDAY!!! HE'S 34 OMG I CAN'T BELIEVE IT IT'S HIS BIRTHDAY TODAY!!!" for about 12 minutes. Well, you can imagine how my co-workers looks at me. That kind of "Are you okay, Sake, ,?" and gave me worried looks. I even gave hugs to my random friend while saying, "Oh my God, you're 34 now Ken-chan. . Hahahaha, you're 34! Who can believe that XD" and my friend said, "I'm 19!" while glaring at me (even though we both know she's older than me xD)
To all my co-workers that day, summasen deshita m(_ _)m

So Yes, Otanjoubi omedetou Ken-chan~. . . ^^

Even when I remember how old you are now comparing to my age I'm not sure I can call you Ken-"chan"~, but you'll always be our ken-chan ne, , ^^

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Hello there,
Just wanna make you know that I'm here & still ALIVE. For those who wondering "hello, is this lj still active or belong to someone or something?" the answer is yes. I'm just don't like to write in some kind of blog like lj or else coz it needs time and I DON'T HAVE THAT TIME you're asking for. Well, not really though. Main reason is cz I don't like writing. Bcz first, I have a problem with languages (u see, english is not my main language. but those ppl on lj or internet demands for it). So so sorry if when you read this you found so many mistakes on grammar, tenses, blahblahblah. . Don't mistaken. I love english. I love it, okay. It just my uhm, ,current position doesn't give me space to learning it again (btw back then my eng is better than this. don't know how it can become this way -__-).

Second, I'm a moody person. Not that moody.. don't worry. I can control it now. That so many times it happened I want to write on my lj but that time I don't have my laptop with me. Really, bringing it along everywhere everytime you go is a tough matter. Last semester I did do that due to my critical love to my bias, V6. That results my dearly laptop is broken now:( And when I back at my laptop's side the mood of writing something's already blown up by the wind so I have nothing to write. The opposite, when I'm with my laptop I have nothing particular to write.

Thirdly, I do not posses internet. So how can I write this. .?
Cz at this time I have internet. But most of times I don't.
I have internet connection just in certain hours.

But know this:
I open my lj almost EVERYDAY. And when I did first thing I do is checking how's my bias doing. That is what this lj meant to be. Channelization of my bias. And when I could I often chat with my lj's friends on their posting.

LJ might not be my center world, but the center of my world is still V6, only I do the fandoming mostly in other place.

I already tired now so that's it. Remember, I'm still alive & I'm here. Keeping my eyes on V6... :)

A friend is Leaving. . .

While I struggling here with my exam, I just found out just now that a friend is leaving. . .
I believe it is because our lives are stepping onto next level, so we have more and more things to do, to fill the cup.
And I think that's what happen to VIBES team. They have done great great job in 1995_to_forever.

Thank you for your hard work all this time. Maybe you can imagine how does my face looked like when I watching your work, but you really don't know how i really appreciate and love you for the works you have done.

I love you, guyz. You will be missed much :'-)

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My First Course

My first course is running out well. I'm so exited that my whole body is shaking. XD Beside, I was nervous too.

I made new friends. I learned that the simplest thing to learn is just by asking and listening. Conclusion is, i feel good enough this evening. Although I ruined my morning by missing my French class 'coz i don't remember know the schedule is. =='
That's so stupid me.

OK. Now I'm in tis progress on downloading V6 video. Ughh,, geez. It really take a long time. 
But I hope it'll works this time. (IM SO TIRED. . .!!!)
my head is painful
my stomach is hungry
my body is reckless
my pocket is drying
 i did it just  for you. . .for you V6. .